Remanufacturing Your Injection Molding, Extrusion, and Die Casting Machinery Can Be the Best Return on Your Investment

The Support Svc, LLC remanufacturing process is comprehensive and easy, whether it's an injection molding machinery, extrusion machinery or a die casting machinery. A Support Service representative thoroughly inspects your machine, and then provides a written quotation for remanufacturing. The machine is then shipped to us and completely disassembled. Every part is inspected to determine the level of wear compared to original factory specs, then cleaned and remachined if necessary. After rebuilding with new parts (and often updated controls), the machine is then tested at full capacity to ensure optimum performance. A Support Services service representative is available to perform on-site start up and training for machine operation. Full documentation of the project is provided for your files. All Support Services remanufactured machines come with a full one year warranty.

It's a Win-Win

Despite evolutionary design, the basic mechanical structure of nearly all injection molding, extrusion and die casting machines hasn't really changed significantly over the last several years. When remanufacturing machines, Support Service replaces hydraulics, including the addition of smoother operating servo and proportional valving. That coupled with advanced process controls results in a "best of both worlds" scenario. The strength and rigidity of older machines is skillfully combined with the smooth operation, control and repeatability that come from contemporary technology. Consequently, processors can anticipate the life expectancy and performance from a remanufactured machine to be equal to that of a new machine.

The Results of Support Svc, LLC Remanufacturing

Your molding machines can operate like new again, or better, and provide you with higher production rates and reduced costs. Only Support Service remanufacturing delivers the following benefits:

  • Increased production through shorter cycle times
  • Higher quality parts on a more consistent basis
  • Longer production runs through decreased downtime
  • Greater versatility through improved performance
  • Fewer repairs needed for decreased operating costs
  • Lower scrap rates due to more consistent quality
  • Less power consumption required
  • Updating to meet current ANSI, OSHA and SPI regulations
  • Improved work environment and higher employee morale

With decades of both broad industy and HPM specific experience our team has the knowledge to efficiently and effectively satisfy all your remanufacturing needs.