Support Services Born

You decided on HPM machines because they are very dependable and you expected to receive a return on your investment for many years.

However, in December of 2009, after 130 years of serving the Apple Press, Metal Stamping, Die Cast, Injection Molding and Extrusion industries, HPM went out of business. Suddenly, customers, like yourself were left without the service and support they needed to keep their HPM equipment running efficiently to maximize the return on their investment.

We started Support Services LLC to satisfy the void left by HPM’s closing. First, let me be clear in stating that Support Services, LLC is not affiliated with HPM nor are we attempting to represent ourselves as “HPM authorized” in any way. Instead, we are a new, independent organization started and staffed by some of the best former HPM employees. Together we have over 150 years of experience working on HPM machines and understand how to keep your equipment running at its peak efficiency. We are a full service provider of the following:

Replacement Parts

Looking for that critical part to keep your machine running? We can satisfy all your replacement part needs from basic O-rings to major component replacement and machine rebuilding.

Repair Services

Machine down and need an expert to get it running again? We provide all your repair service needs from control repairs to complete hydraulic system replacement.

Machine Relocation

Moving? Expanding? We provide all your machine re-location needs from alignment services to complete removal and installation services.

And a whole lot more

We also offer machine inspection, upgrades, startup, engineering evaluation and complete modification to original design services.